Your pastor is a sinner and will readily admit to that, if they are a true follower of Jesus Christ. Every pastor needs a Savior. If you are disagreeing with your pastor about some issue, make sure you examine yourself. If there are troubling things that do not find resolution, consider the following. Any pastor who is worth their salt would want to be free of these things -- here are some signs that a Jezebel spirit may be demonizing your pastor:


It is not really about God…. It is about him !!!!


He talks about God, but is not in love with Him. God is an academic topic, not someone he has a personal relationship with.


Many claims of exaggerated nature, regarding personal accomplishments, based on self –efforts, not undeserved mercy of God.


He has special “anointing” that makes him someone you need to look up to.


You need to depend on him for prayer and blessings, since you do not have the gifts and favor he does.


He needs to lay hands on you, since he is your intercessor, not Jesus. (He does not tell you this, but he never tells you to go directly to Jesus when in need. He tells you to come up for prayer, and HE intercedes).


* This is different than just praying for someone to show support. We all can intercede for each other as well, but we must recognize the true intercessor, who is Jesus.


Sin of pride. Grandiose self image. Not humble.


Demands attention. Struts around the stage, storms around, or paces around to keep your eyes on him. Very theatrical.


May have a dreamy, far away look in his eyes – this makes him look “spiritual.”


Undaunted by resentment of him, seeks envy as proof that he is something superior that others are not.


Benefits whether – reputation is good or bad- he can use the bad reputation to his advantage, saying the devil is after him.


Overreacts to situations


Boastfully displays God’s blessings as favor from God, and to inspire adulation, imitation, and envy


* Much of his money blessings he got from taking the money you gave to God.


Seeks attention, and special recognition for being so special.


“Be like me” messages.


Manipulates others to obtain status, control, compliance, money, attention.


Effective brainwashing tactics. You believe everything he says, without checking out the content for truth.


Religious cult atmosphere. Too much uniformity in behavior. Putting church as top priority, instead of family.People will let their families go hungry in order to pay tithes to the church, or they will spend more time at church than with their families. Will sacrifice self and family for church, and this puts stress on everyone.Families may break up.


He targets the naive, vulnerable, uneducated or mentally weak. They believe whatever he says.


Great emphasis on money, personal empowerment, prosperity to keep you hooked.


False “power of God” movement – counterfeit – demonic origin. Clue- do you feel no better, or worse afterward, if you are “slain in the spirit?” Think about it. If the real God touches you, He does not do it without it affecting you in a constructive way.


Little or no emphasis on holiness, purity, or humility.


Entertains, or allows, false prophecy to enhance self image or image of his “chosen ones” who help him. God does not choose you, he does.


false prophecy : over generalized, vague, no impact on your spirit, something anyone can say about anyone, or anything. (God loves you, seek my face, come to me, I know your problem, and I will help you, God is calling you to serve Him, this country has problems, etc) Any specific things said were picked up from knowing you anyhow, or they were already predicted in the Bible, and they are plagiarizing it. Or they guess and get it wrong. Future events do not come true.


true prophecy: specific details given, impacts your spirit, unique to you. Say things that only God knows about you, or the situation. No way of knowing these things unless God is involved. What seems like unlikely predicted events actually come true.


He falsely portrays himself to be virtuous, the perfect father, husband, spiritual leader, advisor, mentor, friend.


Controls you by enrapturing you with his spirituality, and you submit.


Can control you by twisting scripture to make you feel guilty if you do not obey him, or do not believe the same way.


Distorts scripture. Puts new meanings on existing passages, or uses them out of context for the purpose of gain.


Feels “gain is godliness” in some way. Poverty is a curse, and you must strive for worldly gain. Jesus “died” so you could be “rich.”




Best response:


Avoid him. Leave.


Know his payoff is attention, money or abusing you.


Be suspicious of excessive charisma.


Ask for fair recognition of anything legitimate you have to offer. If he rejects you as unimportant, take that as a clue as to what he is.


Pray for the church that blind eyes be opened.


If you are brave enough, document wrong doings so they can be exposed later.


Remember that you serve God, not man.


Be ready to minister to any victims he has, and counsel them to leave. Be careful, since he will condemn you to others if he finds out. But do not worry, you do not need his approval anyhow. You only need God’s approval.